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PackAlarm Pro

PackAlarm Pro

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The PackAlarm Pro is a pocket-sized, eight-ounce, camping alarm that alerts you to bears, intruders, and other predators in an area up to the size of a basketball court.  Velcro straps fasten it to a bush or a stake near your tent and lets you wake up and defend yourself.

You string its sensor line in a circle, square, or straight line to guard where you want to be warned of danger.  There are no limits to the odd shapes your perimeters can take, and the PackAlarm Pro can be used in any setting, whether it's in the desert, the mountains, or the woods.

The sensor line is almost frictionless and can be strung right through brush, trees, and weeds, where it becomes invisible.  It can even run 90 degrees around a tree and the 125-decibel siren and the LED will STILL get activated because the line is so slippery and strong.  What’s more, the PackAlarm Pro can't be set off by small animals because they run right under the line.  It also comes with a 10-foot power cord that lets you position the LED autonomously, or you can use it as a 100-hour-runtime emergency flashlight.

Everything comes direct from our factory with a camo carry bag, in a 4X4X6-inch box. Thousands have been sold around the world.  Don't go wild without it! 

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What's Included?

Included with your purchase of a PackAlarm Pro:

  • PackAlarm Pro
  • LED Light
  • Instruction Manual
  • Camouflage Storage Bag
  • 6 Velcro Perimeter Straps
  • 10-foot LED Light extension cord

Key Features

Ultralight & Reusable Alarm System (8 ounces)

We designed PackAlarm to be suitable for backcountry adventures. It's small enough to fit in your pocket, and so lightweight you won't complain about packing it with you.

125-Decibel Alarm Siren

Comparable in sound pressure to a police siren and louder than a chainsaw, the PackAlarm is plenty loud enough as a deterrent.

300 feet of Perimeter Sensor Line

The equivalent of a basketball court perimeter, the sensor line allows you to create a suitable perimeter for most scenarios and situations.

Operates on a single 9 Volt Battery

No need for large or heavy battery packs to operate your PackAlarm.

LED Light Doubles as Emergency Flashlight

Remove the battery from your PackAlarm and detach the LED light to use the 100-hour runtime emergency flashlight.

Packalarm pro

Flexible Perimeter Shapes.

There are no limits to the perimeter shapes you can make with the PackAlarm Pro. It is designed for maximum flexibility so you can add a layer of safety no matter the terrain you are in.

Packalarm pro

Quick to Set Up or Stow.

Simply reel in the PackAlarm sensor line as you pack up camp in the morning, or reel out the line to build your perimeter.

  • Ryan Franke - Bozeman, MT 

    This past fall I was fortunate enough to accompany a friend who drew a mountain goat tag in Montana.  We had been to the area before and it's known for its high density of grizzly bears due to its close proximity to Yellowstone. After punching a tag we set up camp a safe distance away from the meat.  One guy had your PackAlarm set up and around 2:00 AM it went off.  After a middle of the night investigation, we were not sure what caused the alarm to go off.  In the morning we found a fresh grizzly track in a small patch of snow 100 yards from the PackAlarm line.  My gear list in grizzly country will include a PackAlarm from here out.

  • Eli Hall - Nelson, BC

    I just wanted to let you know that I used a PackAlarm on a Stone sheep hunt in Northern BC this year.  We had a grizzly come up our valley toward camp at dusk and after a lot of yelling and pot-banging we thought we had scared it off.  In the middle of the night, however, it came back and the PackAlarm worked perfectly.  Not only did it alert us and give us time to get our headlamps and rifles, but it spooked the bear and allowed us to avoid a confrontation.

  • Garth Anderson - Kelowna, BC

    This is my second purchase from you. Your PackAlarm saved us from what could have been a bad encounter this year. It went off at 1:30 in the morning. All I heard was huffing and crashing through the brush after that. We had a hunter in the area badly mauled this year. He is OK now.

  • Carsten - Germany

    I carried the PackAlarm on this year's NWT-canoe trip and you were right: it withstands foul weather without worries. Thus I'd like to order another one plus one extra trip-wire-line (just in case). Thanks a lot.

  • Jen Reed - Supervisor & Bear Safety, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Fairbanks, Alaska

    Better late than never with this feedback, but I wanted to let you know that I did use your product in the field, and found it very useful!

  • Jonathan P.

    These units work. Had one go off at midnight. Triggered by a grizzly while on a sheep hunt.

  • Happy Customer

    I've had one since 2012. Got one so the wife would stop waking me up ever half hour with "did you hear that?" lol

  • Ricardo - Hope Island, Queensland, Australia

    Just letting you know I have received my packalarm in good order. Thanks and hope to try it out soon.

  • Bill and Deb - New Boston, NH

    Got back last week from an extended trip in the mountains of Wyoming. Wanted to tell you how your product (packalarm) performed for us. As an outdoor enthusiast and hunter I've come across many bears in the woods. Most are black bears that normally don't pose much of a threat. However, traveling and sleeping in grizzly country can put one on such high alert that it's nearly impossible to get a good night's sleep. In fact sleeping in a tent can be downright dangerous as you know.

    We used your packalarm each night, establishing a perimeter around our tent. Our thought was to at least be woken up by the alarm if a griz breached the perimeter, but your pack-alarm did perform just as you said. It was easy to set up and every test we did the alarm sounded off perfectly. I think for us just having the confidence that nothing could approach us while sleeping without us knowing was a BIG help in getting a decent night's sleep. I do believe the alarm is loud enough it most likely would have scared away any bears had they tripped it.

    There is one thing I noticed and would suggest to others. While running the fine string around some lodge pole pine, the string tended to get hung up in the bark. While this did not keep the alarm from going off it was a little harder to set up. I added six small screw-in "I" hooks to the kit and screwed them into those types of trees and ran the string on the insides of the trees instead of going around them. Works great!

    Anyway, I know this kit will always be with us whenever we're in griz country.

  • Marge

    Both of us read the bear book you gave Don and have been meaning to tell you what a good book it is. The author's analysis of bear behavior and advice on how to conduct yourself in the woods is right on. We know some people who go along with using jingle bells and with shouting "Hey Bear" as they hike unarmed in national forests. On one of our drives through the Yukon we spotted a black bear halfway up a steep hill with its back to the road. We stopped the vehicle and decided to start yelling to see if the bear would run. It turned to face us and then started coming down to us to investigate what all the noise was about.