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A portable bear fence is a valuable safety item for hikers, backpackers, hunters, and anyone exploring remote backcountry areas. The risk of bear encounters is heightened when you are in the wilderness, and medical care can be hours or days away. Invest in safety equipment like a bear fence to help you stay alert.

Pack Safety into the Backcountry with a Portable Bear Fence

Portable bear fences are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who venture into bear-populated areas. Unlike bear deterrent systems that are heavy and bulky, portable bear fences can be packed without adding significant weight to your camp.

This makes them ideal for multi-day treks where every ounce matters. Packing in safety equipment like a bear fence and bear spray can keep you safe and prevent unnecessary human-wildlife conflict on your backcountry adventures.

Traditional Bear Fences are too Heavy & Bulky

The challenge for backcountry hikers and adventurers is that most bear fences are not portable at all. Bear fences tend to be heavy, require massive batteries to operate, and have limits on how big of a perimeter the fence can cover.

For example, if you are planning a 10-day backpacking trip through Banff National Park, it’s tough to justify the weight of a bear fence weighing multiple pounds with it’s big batteries and bulky components. Not to mention the headache of setting up a big bear fence and taking it down every night as you move camp throughout your hiking trip.

Thankfully, products like the PackAlarm are filling this void for the backcountry adventurer. The PackAlarm Pro is a perfect example of a portable bear fence because it is pocket-sized and only weighs 8 ounces!

PackAlarm is over 7X Lighter than other Portable Bear Fences

Many portable bear fences weigh 3-6 pounds depending on the model. The PackAlarm Pro weighs just half a pound (8 ounces), making it over 7 times lighter than competitors and a truly ultralight bear fence.

How is the PackAlarm so lightweight compared to alternatives? The PackAlarm Pro uses a tripwire design that sets off a 125-decibel siren alarm comparable to a police siren in volume when tripped. There is also a LED-light that activates in strobe or solid mode when the alarm triggers.

The alarm system is designed to alert you to bears or predators in the area and scare them away with the screeching audio alarm. The PackAlarm system was built in Alaska and has been used for over 20 years by backcountry enthusiasts who rely on it when camping in bear country.

Our portable bear fence is very energy efficient which eliminates the need for heavy duty batteries, and the tripwire sensor line reels in on a spool which allows us to keep the design compact while still including 300 feet of sensor line, equivalent to the perimeter of a basketball court.

Stay Ultralight with the PackAlarm Portable Bear Fence.

The PackAlarm Pro is a pocket-sized, eight-ounce, bear fence for camping that alerts you to bears, intruders, and other predators in an area up to the size of a basketball court.

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