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A bear fence for camping is an essential safety measure for anyone venturing into bear territory. The bear fence provides a protective layer that deters bears from entering your campsite, safeguarding you, your camp, and food supplies. It’s peace of mind that you deserve.

Stay Safe and use a Bear Fence for Camping in Bear Country

When camping in bear country, a bear fence is a crucial safety measure that can significantly reduce the risk of dangerous encounters with wildlife.

Bear fences serve as a deterrent, creating a physical boundary that alerts or repels bears before they can enter your campsite.

The PackAlarm Pro is the perfect bear fence for camping because it is ultralight and user-friendly. It uses a highly-effective siren alarm system that acts similar to a tripwire, securing a camp perimeter up to 300 feet that will deter and alert you to bears in the area.

Choosing the Right Bear Fence for Camping in the Outdoors

There are important safety factors to consider when selecting a bear fence for camping in the backcountry.

Effectiveness & Reliability

Make sure you invest in a bear fence for camping that has a proven track record and reviews from customers who have used it in the field. PackAlarm has been trusted for over 20 years by thousands of customers around the world.

Type of Deterrent

Bear fences can be electric fences, audio tripwire alarms, or tripwires that shoot blank bullets. Choose a bear fence for camping that is reusable and can keep you safe in the backcountry for the entirety of your trip.

Ease of Use & Setup

You don't want to be wasting time trying to set up your bear fence when camping. Ideally you want a bear fence that is easy to set up and can operate in a variety of terrain and conditions. The PackAlarm bear fence is efficient to set up, simply spool the line around your perimeter and connect it to the housing with the trigger activated.


If you are camping in the backcountry or on a hiking trip, the weight and size of your bear fence is a major factor. Most bear fences weigh 3-6 pounds which is really heavy if you are packing it on a trip. PackAlarm weighs just 8 ounces and can fit in your pocket.

Power Source

Some bear fences for camping require heavy battery banks or solar panels which can be impractical and too bulky for a camping trip. The PackAlarm Pro requires a single 9V battery.

Perimeter Coverage

Make sure the bear fence covers a sufficient perimeter around your campsite to give you ample warning of bears in the area. You want your perimeter to give you time to react if an animal is nearby. PackAlarm comes with 300 feet of sensor line, allowing you to set a perimeter up to the size of a basketball court.

Consider the PackAlarm bear fence for your next camping trip.

The PackAlarm Pro is a pocket-sized, eight-ounce, bear fence for camping that alerts you to bears, intruders, and other predators in an area up to the size of a basketball court.

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